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Why Study a foreign language?

Why ask why? Here are some benefits to consider:

A foreign language helps you to get beyond your ethnocentrism.
A foreign language gives you an important key to understanding how another culture operates, how its speakers think and form their ideas into words.
A foreign language gives you a new language with which to make friends, to enjoy songs, plays, and poetry; to watch T.V, to listen to the radio, to travel different places; and of course, to read, study, write and earn money.

Is foreign-language study easy? No, it’s not. you have to give up the security of your first language and plunge into a word of new sounds, new labels for old ideas and thoughts, new sentence structures, and new ways of thinking about things. Often a person feels unsure and maybe even foolish (like everyone learning something new). Language is so crucial to our self-esteem that we may be very affected by this. Eventually, however, it can be done. Thousands of people in this country and elsewhere have learned a second, even third or fourth language, and have been successful in each. Is it “worth” learning? This really depends on you and how you will make use of your new language. If it is a school subject, one that you study to pass test and get graded for, it may not have a great effect on your life. However if you use a foreign language as a tool for thinking, reading, writing, listening, speaking, and interacting with others, whether socially or on the job, it can become the key to the whole new world of pleasure and activity.

Why study English?

English is a widespread and most useful language in the world today, no questions asked. Anyone having anything to do with other countries, be it in science, tourism, trade, finance or culture, will be extremely well rewarded if he masters English decently. Most books are published in English, and most are translated in English. English, even bad, is the standard language used for everything from scientific publications to international academic conferences to news reports to popular music lyrics. It’s the most widely used language in the world, and it will be used by more people in the future.

As we have seen, learning a foreign language is one of the most enriching experiences in anybody’s education. Studying a foreign language, after all, is not only about how to order a beer or food in the restaurant or how to read a map. It entails exploring a way of life, a different culture and traditions of another.




Avis 13-2-2018

Chers parents, Suite à la décision du conseil des ministres, les cours seront suspendus le mercredi 14 février 2018.

Avis - Grève - St. Maron

Chers parents, Veuillez noter que le programme de la semaine prochaine sera comme suit: - Lundi 5 février: Cours ordinaires.
- Mardi 6 février: Cours ordinaires.
- Mercredi 7 février: Grève.
- Jeud [ ... ]

AVIS 23-1-2018

Demain mercredi 24 janvier, le collège de la Sagesse Beyrouth ouvre ses portes comme d'habitude et les cours seront réguliers dans tous les cycles.

Avis 2-1-2018

Chers parents Le Collège de la Sagesse – Beyrouth tient à vous rappeler que demain et après demain seront des journées de cours ordinaires de 7h40 à 12h25 en compensation de ceux manqués à c [ ... ]

À l'occasion de la naissance du Sauveur

Le Collège de La Sagesse - Beyrouth adresse ses vœux les plus chaleureux à tous les parents de ses étudiants, espérant que l'enfant de la crèche apporte à leur famille, santé, sérénité et b [ ... ]

Avis - Noël

Chers parents, En vous souhaitant que la naissance de Jésus soit une nouvelle lumière pour notre pays et une grande espérance pour l’année 2018 où chaque famille retrouvera la paix, la joie et [ ... ]

عمل رسوليّ واجتماعيّ

"يجب ألاّ نحبّ بالكلام، وإنّما بالأفعال" ،حضرة الاهالي الكرام ،تحية طيبة وبعد .تودّ المدرسة إعلامكم بأنّها ب [ ... ]

Avis - Cycle primaire

Livrets scolaires du premier trimestre Chers parents,
Après plusieurs mois de travail scolaire, nous vous invitons à une rencontre avec les professeurs des classes du cycle primaire pour vous rendre [ ... ]

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